5 Effective Tips & Strategies to Prevent Depression

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Well, first let’s get to know,

What is depression? And how does it affect us?

Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel and how you act. It causes feelings of sadness or loss of interest in activities once you enjoyed.

Depression is common, but the emotional crisis could lead to great damage in your life.

For instance; for some people, the death of a loved one can bring on major depression, losing a job or being a victim of a physical assault…etc could bring on major depression. This last long grief due to the low feeling, could lead to feel of suicide, get addicted to alcohol or drugs, get self-injured, lead to reckless behaviors, lead to relationship problems, poor school performances and even lead to poor health concerns. But, fortunately, depression is treatable and also it is preventable.

Let’s have a look at our lives, normally in our busy scheduled daily routines, among how many of us spare at least 10 minutes for meditation?

Many would complain who has time for this?  Because you have confirmed the thought that you don’t have time even to think of yourself. This is a big lie. It’s not that you don’t have time for yourself, it’s because you don’t want to mind yourself. You think it’s a waste of time or it doesn’t bring you any income so you don’t have to mind it. You engage yourself to get yourself tired and suffer. So, when problems come, when you find yourself is not happy, you suffer depression and maybe continue your life as a blood pressure patient or as a patient with different health issues.

Well, take a moment to think, was this the life you worked hard for? Is it to achieve this, you said you don’t even have time for yourself?

Meditation is one of the best treatments to treat both mind and body against depression. Meditation relaxes and calm your mind and make you stay focused. This method is much effective if you could do it in the morning when you wake up from sleep. But, if you find the mornings are uncomfortable for you as you are a fresh starter, add this practice into your daily routine at night just before you go to sleep and you will start to feel the freshness when you start your next day.

Think of your hobbies. You might be a person who loves sports, who always loved gardening or a person who always loved art or play music…etc. But, you sacrifice your interests to keep yourself engaged in a busy schedule and welcome disaster to your life.

Start to think of yourself. Think of your hobby that you gave up. Because that little bliss in your life keeps you alive and that gives happiness to your mind and fight against depression.

Going out and visiting places is a waste of time and unnecessary expenditure?

Well, isn’t that making yourself exhausted and suffer constantly is a waste of time? Isn’t that spending your life at the end as an ill patient is an unnecessary expenditure? Think about it.

Yes, going out would cost a little bit of money for petrol and for things that make you happy and comfortable for the day. But, it releases all your pressure in the mind and helps you stay healthy.

Imagine going to a nature park. Perhaps it could be with some of your friends or with your family members. This little picnic would cost a little bit of time and money, but it would not only help to relax your mind but also, all of your friends or family members who enjoyed the day with you.

So it’s very vivid that, it doesn’t have to be a big journey.

Try your best to enjoy the weekend in a relaxing way. Go to a beach, go to a park, visit a friend, spend the weekend in a new place…etc. The freshness of the following week when you start the day will give you all the strength to stay very active with no pressure from last week.

Who would not love to have an attractive body? We all do. But, ‘the gym’ is not only there for maintaining your body figure or to build bodybuilders. If you try exercises in the gym or at home in the morning, you will become more active for the day as your mind has used the power of exercise to release its pressure out of it. Imagine you are not a morning person and after work you are tired, still you can do your exercises in the gym or at home. When it’s after work, you might feel lazy, or you might feel like not doing exercises as it was not a good day for you at work. But, trust me, you should not break your daily practice of doing exercise. Because, even when you constantly think of the bad experience and still do the exercises, with the heat and the sweat that your body start to release, your pressure also releases.  Therefore to be sure the gym and the exercises are not only for body maintenance, but it’s also for all of us and it’s one of the best ways of relaxing mind to avoid depression.

Music is also an amazing medicine that helps to avoid stress in the mind and avoid depression. But, what sort of music?

There are so many meditative types of music you can search and find. Try them in the morning. Play them on your laptop or mobile while you are preparing yourself for the day.  You will experience the result of a smooth start every day. The rushness you always had in mind and the pressure at the start of the day will not be there. Instead, you will experience your mind is calm and ready with no pressure.

When you take these little tips and strategies of releasing pressure out of your mind, into your daily routine, you will start to experience a much healthier living and life avoiding causes of depression.

Hope you find this article is supportive and wish you all the best!


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