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Are you excited and exhausted planning your next holiday in your dream destination? I’m pretty sure, that you all want to make it just perfect. I can imagine how tired you are, choosing the best hotel, looking for the best room with the best view, finding shopping malls nearby, planning your starlight dinners and what not.

But packing your bag would be as not as interesting as planning your holiday. Because you have a pile of things you want to carry and still will want your bag to be light and easy to carry. So these tips will help you to pack your essentials when you are travelling in and out of the country.

1. Pack light:

When it comes to travelling this is the golden rule. Nobody wants to get tired with a heavy suitcase even before reaching the destination. Use an easy-to-carry bag and pack it as light as possible. And more space means more shopping for you. You will have ample space to bring your souvenirs and keepsakes home.

2. Take your travel essentials:

Don’t forget to take your travel essentials. Think about you and your travel partner’s comfort all the time. If you are travelling out of the country, take all the things you might need while travelling as well. Don’t forget your neck pillow, eye mask, and socks when you are travelling on a plane. Keep a hand sanitizer with you all the time. Have a pack of wet wipes in hand. A travel-sized moisturizer and a lip balm would be useful too.

3. Trouble free packing:

If you are travelling in a plane, always carry a cabin bag which will fit into aircraft overhead bins. If you are travelling with your kids, check whether their strollers are recommended to carry inside an aircraft cabin. Know what you are supposed to carry and what you cannot take inside a plane, and even to some airports. Know quarantine regulations into your destination in advance and pack accordingly. This way you can avoid unnecessary troubles on your way. Most of the airports have rules and regulations when it comes to liquids. Have all your beauty products like shampoo, face wash, perfume in travel-sized containers. Otherwise, you might lose your favourite perfume at a transit airport.

4. Check the weather report:

It is a must, to check the weather report at your destination. Be ready for sudden climatic changes all the time. Pack your clothes accordingly. If you are travelling to a cold destination, take more warm clothing. If you are travelling to a tropical country, don’t forget your sunscreen.

5. Make your own checklist:

Make a last-minute checklist for yourself. Write down the things which you need to double check and make sure that you have taken all of them. Include all your travel documents, visa letters, booking references in your checklist. It is always good to have them printed rather than having only the soft copies. Refer your checklist before leaving, and make sure you are ready to travel.
Plan your holiday accordingly, so that you really can enjoy it. Don’t get panic with sudden changes, weather patterns and little delays you come across. Enjoy every bit of your holiday and make it memorable. Take as much as pictures with your loved ones and bring all the memories home.
Bon, voyage!


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