How to look beautiful and attractive

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We all want to look stunning and attractive. So we use so many beauty products to make us look better. Beauty products alone can not do much if our daily routine is not healthy for the body. Sometimes our daily habits can do much more wonders than expensive beauty products. Here are a few tips to help you look fabulous and be healthy at the same time.

Drink more water:

water will keep you hydrated all the time. Which will in return make you look refreshed. Warm water will help you burn fat. So drink hot water after eating oily food. Add herbal tea to your diet as intake of water. They have extra benefits to make you look good and healthy. Drink detox water and fresh juices. Increase your water intake with your favorite drinks. Avoid fizzy drinks.

Hair care:

With your busy work schedule, your hair is always been exposed to a lot of dust. Your scalp would get dry and you will end up getting dandruff. So you need to keep your scalp moisturized to avoid all that. Use oil of your choice at least once a week. Massage your scalp with oil and leave it for about 15 minutes. Then wash it away. Do not forget your conditioner after shampooing your hair. Hot water is not good for your hair. Bathe with cold water as much as possible.

Skincare :

 your skin can get damaged to various reasons. Skin will get damaged when exposed to sun and dust. You might get pimples and acne due to hormonal changes too. Keep it clean always. Use a good face wash suitable for your skin type. Do not use beauty products without consulting a dermatologist. Moisturize your skin daily. Have a facial clean up once a month. Scrub your body once a week.


It is perfectly alright to use makeup. But know your skin type and test the make-up products before buying. Do not use makeup products if you are not comfortable with it. Use the same brand if it suits your skin. And most importantly remove makeup properly. Use a good makeup remover and wipe it off accordingly. Steam your face with a hot towel after you have removed your makeup.

Know your vitamins :

If you are experiencing hair loss more often, if your nails don’t look strong, you might be lacking some vitamins. Talk to your family doctor and get some multivitamins prescribed. You can add up lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet instead of multivitamins too.

These simple tips will make you look better every day. All of these can be practiced daily and can make it a habit too. You will look fabulous effortlessly. Have a kind heart always. Your inner self will be reflected from your face. Live happily and make everyone around you happy. Happy people are said to be the most beautiful people on earth.


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