How to deal with stress and management techniques

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What is stress?

Stress is a normal part of life. The human body is designed to undergo stress. Stress is the reaction of the body to any change. The body reacts to positive and negative changes in different ways. Our body will try to defend all the challenges it comes across, by using chemicals. The body produces larger quantities of adrenaline, cortical and noradrenaline when stressed. The reaction of these hormones will increase the rate of heartbeat, pulse rate, tensed muscles and sweat which will, in turn, result from a change in behavior.

The reason behind one’s stress could be anything. Relationship issues, family problems, issues at work, lack of time and money, illness, responsibilities can cause stress. And the reason could even be a simple worry in life.

But the results of stress can be varied to different personalities. Some people have the ability to manage their stress and some people go through it giving a bad time to people around them too. Some people fight their stress alone. However, stress can give everyone bad experiences, if not managed properly.

How to control stress?

The first treatment to control stress is self-help. You need to identify that you are under stress and you got to control it yourself. There are so many ways to control stress. But the most important thing is to understand when you are going through it.

  1. Find your method of relaxation:  You can choose whether it is meditation, music or exercise. Engage in something which can soothe your mind and body. Forget your worries for a moment and do what makes you distress.
  2.  Keep changing your daily routine:  Change your work schedule when possible. Enjoy your lunch with a friend or go out for a coffee when you get free time. Spend your holidays with friends and family. Make your schedule interesting always.
  3.  Maintain a calm and quiet environment:  Reduce noise levels around you. Listen to soft and relaxing music during working hours. It will calm down your mind and body.
  4. Do one thing at a time: Be focus on the task you are doing and give your best for it. You will be stressed if you are trying to do many things at one time.
  5.  If you can’t avoid a stressful moment, face it as a challenge: Be strong enough to face challenges along your path of success. Life is full of ups and downs. So you will anyway have to go through all that.

Try to control your own stress. Failing which you can always talk to your close friends and family. If that doesn’t work you can always get help from a doctor.

Keep in mind stress is not a weakness. Everyone goes through it differently. But you need to find out your most suitable way, of fighting stress. Help people who are under stress and be a good listener always. That way you will learn a lot about life and experiences.

Cheers for a happy and stress-free life!



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