Why we should avoid Carbohydrates and Processed Food

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Every particle of food we put into our body has to undergo 5 stages in the process of digestion.

They are:

1 – Ingestion

The process of eating and swallowing the food, which passes through the oesophagus into the stomach.

2 – Digestion

The food entering into the stomach is broken up into smaller and finer particles for easy absorption.

3 – Absorption

The process of finer food substances entering the into the living membranes (intestines) in order to absorb the nutrients and send it to the cells in our body.

4 – Assimilation

The absorbed food being incorporated into the cell components to give us energy to carry on with our work.

5 – Egestion

The unnecessary particles leaving our body through faecal waste.

This process takes from 3 to 18 hours depending on the food we consume. The higher the water content in our food, the lesser time it takes to digest. This is why fruits take 3 hours; vegetables six hours while grains, refined and processed food can take up to 18 hours.

Why do grains need a longer period of digestion?

The reason, for this being that grains, refined and processed food aren’t natural products obtained from Mother Nature. Rather, it is made and produced, which causes it to include unnatural substances and a less content of water.

Unhealthy Food

We eat a large amount of unnatural food on a daily basis, sometimes incorporating it into more than a meal a day. By doing this we don’t give our intestines enough time to digest what was already consumed. This causes it to build waste, slimy, mold-like particles which cling onto the walls on the intestines due to undigested food.

The intestines are made up of tiny particles called villi,

which absorbs anything that sticks to it. These undigested waste matter when stuck onto the walls of the intestines are absorbed by the villi. It absorbs into the bloodstream to be delivered throughout the body. These matters when making contact with the skin causes acne, when entered into the kidney causes stones, when it accumulates on the ovaries it causes PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and irregular menstruation, causes constipation when stuck to the intestines, asthma when it clogs our airways and cholesterol when it covers our arteries.

These can lead

too many complications and disorders such as diabetes, fibroids, cancer cells and many more if we aren’t going to be more careful and cautious of our health and bodies. We are what we ate and if we eat right then medicine is of no need. In order to change our food habits and bring our health in order, we should be ready to accept that we need to bring about a change. Eating healthy is difficult because we make it seem so. If we are more cautious regarding what goes into our body then we won’t find eating healthy and living a healthy life a difficult task.

The two must do’s for a healthier life.

Drink water

We need to consume a minimum of three times our body weight of water on a daily basis (e.g.: if a person is 50kg then he needs to consume 1.5l of water daily). Water is a flusher of toxins and waste. Just as how bleach clears a clogged drain with constant use similarly water clears our clogged system off waste and toxins passing them put by means of

  • sweat,
  • urine
  • stool
  • breath.

It promotes weight loss, clearer skin, and easy bowel movements etc. This gift of Mother Nature can cure almost all illnesses.

Physical exercise

The importance of physical exercise for a person cannot be stressed enough. We all know that motor vehicles are designed to move and will rust due to immobility, the same theory applies to our body. Due to the lack of physical exercise, our muscles will become stiff and bones rigid, which can cause calcium deficiency and other complications. Apart from helping us shed a few pounds and gain a toned physique, it fights cancers, diabetes, bone degeneration, heart diseases and respiratory disorders etc and releases impure substances stored in our body by sweat and puts to use muscles we’ve never used before.


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