Why is she cheating on me?


Even Though it sounds unbelievable, women do abandon their vows too, just like their counterparts. Just like she forgave you, you too should think about forgiving her, if her presence matters in your life.

The harm her betrayal had done to your relationship could be something heartbreaking. But do you just want to chase her away for her mistake. She is human too.

It is perfectly alright to tell her how you feel about what just happened. It is okay to let her know how angry you are. If she regrets about her mistake, she would be honest with you. She would ask for a fresh start with you.

Yes. cheating has no excuses. Fidelity is a crime. It is true that she betrayed you.

But you are now ready for a fresh start because you have your own reasons to be with her. You want her in your life.

You can consider these few points which could have happened between you and your wife lately. Just pull up your socks !

01. Women crave attention.

It is a fact that women crave attention. Some wouldn’t want to admit it. But it is their nature. She would like you admiring her outfits, her figure and her features. When was the last time you noticed her new haircut ? when was the last time you asked about how her day was ?

When was the last time you bought her a gift ?  Gifts should not be limited to her birthday and the anniversary day which you barely remember. She needs your attention. She needs to be loved and adored. This surely will take time with what just happened, but go back to the days which you were dating her. Be that lovingly man who she fell in love with.

02. Date your wife.

When was your last date with her ? Do you go back to your first wedding anniversary ? your wife needs to know that she is a priority in your life, no matter how busy you are. When did you take her on a shopping spree ?  Imagine how you have get used to it. You let her go on shopping on her own. She is doing grocery shopping for the whole family while you enjoy watching your favorite tv series. Join her and take her out for dinner. I wouldn’t say joining her on a shopping spree will be exciting for you. But show her that you are making an effort to be with her.

03. Intimacy matters.

Make love to your wife like you used to do when you were dating her. Listen to her. Stop body shaming. Admire her beauty inside out. Take time to look at her. Remind her how she looked back then. Talk to her before going to sleep. Enjoy every bit of your alone time with her.

04. Appreciate her.

Appreciate her role in your life. Appreciate her hard work and commitments for your family. Support her as much as you can. Encourage her to improve on her career. Do not let anybody else play that role with your absence. She will always seek your support. She will come to you when she is worried. Be that strength to her.

Give it a thought. Don’t let her make any comments like “ he never wanted to go out “, “ I felt ignored “, “ I was lonely “, “ I was suffocating “.

But keep in mind, over controlling her won’t make a healthy relationship between you both.

Give it a fresh start. It will definitely take lot of time and effort.

Best wishes !


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