Can a relationship truly heal after an affair?

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The answer is “ yes “ .

But the healing process isn’t instant. It takes time as well as effort. Both the parties need to equally contribute and commit towards this healing process.

Despite the fact that cheating has no excuses, you might have your own, personal reasons to rebuild your relationship. Trust me, you are not the only one.

When you have finally decided that you need to rebuild your relationship, there are few facts that you gotta admit to yourself. The process is not going to be easy for both of you. Healing doesn’t mean that you can totally forget what happened. But you are gonna forgive your partner because your relationship is worth fighting for.

Open- minded conversation.

A conversation with your partner has to be your first step towards healing.

Ask him/her all the questions which keeps bothering you. But you should avoid questions regarding sex during his/her affair because it can give traumatizing images to your mind which won’t help your relationship going. Let her/him to be transparent about what happened. Listen to him/her and see whether him/her also want to rebuild the realationship.

Then express your feelings about what happened. Talk your stress out. Let them know how hurt you are.

Give your partner one more chance.

Make sure that you both have the same urge to rebuild your relationship. Give your partner one more chance.

Things wouldn’t be as usual as it was before. But try to adopt yourself. Carefully observe your improvements. Avoid arguments about the affair.

Talk often about how both of you feel. Try to rebuild the emotional connection between your partner. Remind yourself about the good things in the past and future with your partner.

Take a break together.

You and your partner might have probably gone through a devastating time after the incident. It is time for you to take a break together and restart your life. Take leave from your work and travel to your favourite destination. Leave home at least for a couple of days. Have some time for yourself. Enjoy each others’ company. Engage in something which both of you love. This can reduce both of your stress levels.

A holiday would be ideal to restart a healthy relationship.

Always forgive your partner.

Forgiving doesn’t mean that you are gonna completely forget what happened. So forgive your partner. Let your partner breathe after all this chaotic times.

Make sure you heal yourself step by step. Talk to your partner no matter what. Express your feelings and share all your sorrows.

Talk about each other’s’ weaknesses and appreciate the good times you have shared.

In addition if both of you find any troubles in this process, go see a therapist who can assist you personally.

Do not let your hard times affect your children or family.

Rebuild the trust and loyalty between you and your partner. Embrace the love and give your life a fresh start because you know how important your relationship is to you.


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