What is the right time to get married?

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The answer is simple. You should get married when you are ready for it. There is no precise timing to get married. It is not when your parents want or not before your co-worker gets married. It is absolutely when you are ready.

When will you be ready ?

According to the experienced lot, they say you should at least be 25yrs to get married. Even though the digits in your age has nothing to do with your marriage, maturity has. You need to be matured enough.  Because marriage is a commitment. It is a responsibility. Marriage is a journey across ups and downs. You need to be mature enough to handle all that.

Know yourself.

Make sure you get to know more about yourself before getting married. If you ever wanted to live alone for sometime, do it before getting married. Because your life could be different when you stay away from your parents. Be independent and listen to yourself. Knowing yourself more will be helpful when you are choosing your life partner.

Your career.

It is always good to chose your career and maintain stability before getting married. This will make you financially stable too. This doesn’t mean that you need to stop studying after getting married. You can always continue your higher studies and reach your goals no matter what. Make sure your partner is supportive.

Your ideal partner.

You will know it more than anyone else. You will know when it is the right person. But you know what, it is always better to date your partner for a while before getting married. Because it takes time to know about each other. Everyone has their flaws and weaknesses. You two gotta know whether you can tolerate each other. So date your partner for a considerable period of time and get comfortable with each other.

And when both of you know that you are ready to handle the drama, excitement, ups and downs, go give it a try.

Marriage is a journey which is beautiful in its own ways. Marriage is caring. It is about protecting each other and holding on to each other. Marriage is living together with your best friend.

There could be arguments, struggles and bad times. But after all it’s worth all the risks and hardships.

So the right time to say “ i do “ is when both of your hearts need to beat as one.

Give, always forgive for your love ones 🙂


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