What is ego in real life?

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Ego is not who you really are. Isn’t it just a social mask? Isn’t it what you do thinking about everyone out there who is gonna judge you? Ego is competition which has no end. Ego has no limits and no contentment. You end up comparing your life to someone else’s. Your ego will forget you how fortunate you are.

Don’t you think it is the time to let go of your ego ?

How we can find the ego in real life?

If you are ,

  • more concerned about how other people look at you comparing to others, that is ego.

  • trying to get the others’ attention by talking about your problems and making a scene out of it, there is ego.

  • attempt to make an impression on others through possessions, good looks or status that is ego.

  • compare yourself to others and if you are unhappy about other people’s success you have an ego.

  • blame other people or outside circumstances when something goes wrong, there is ego.

Ego is embedded in almost everyone in today’s’ society in various ways. That is why price tags, power, prestige, status has become more important than humanity.

So it’s high time for all of us to get out from ego traps. Because the world has so many beautiful things to offer.

Let it go.

Our personal ego makes you think that happiness is outside yourself. But the true fact is that happiness is within yourself.


  • contentment is happiness.
  • simplicity is happiness.
  • big heart is happiness.

Understanding this would be the first step if you want to let go of your ego.

You should,

  • need to accept your true self.
  • not live a life which others would recommend.
  • respect your likings and should live finding your own peace.

Because life is not a race or competition.

Focus on self love. Forget the prestige, status and recognition which you are thriving for.

Make yourself happy and make others happy too. Speak kind words and help your friends in need. You will experience how happy you can be with a big heart and not with a big house or an expensive price tag.

Do not let the ego control your life. But let the true happiness control you.

How to quiet your Ego.

Ego is your false self. It is a mask you wear to cover yourself. You are trying to gain pride by hiding your own self. But if your pride is bigger than your heart and your ego is bigger than your head, guess what ? you will be alone for life!


still have the choice to let go of your ego.
will always have.
are never too late to start it yourself.

All you need is the courage to accept yourself, your true self.


Mindfulness is the key to let go of your ego. You need to live in this moment. Value this moment and focus on this moment. The decisions you make, your actions, the words you speak should not hurt yourself and nobody else.

You need to center yourself at the present and let go of

  • Doubt.
  • Ego.
  • Fear.
  • Anxiety.
  • Anger.


Freedom is living wholly without fear of any outside conditions. So use your freedom to free your true self, to come out of the mask you are wearing. You have the power to break the barriers which you yourself made.

Free yourself by releasing your hold on attachments, doubt, anxiety and fear. Extend the freedom to your loved ones by expanding your kindness and compassion.

Start it yourself !

This will definitely take a lot of time, practise and patience.

Start it within yourself. Know what is in your head every moment. If you sense any kind of negativity, anger, doubt or fear, change it yourself. Take the control, because it is your life. You are obviously powerful enough to change your negativity into positivity.

Make sure all your inner dialogues are filled with compliments.

Every time you have doubtful thoughts, identify it yourself. Convince yourself that you don’t have space for negative thoughts anymore.

Have nice thoughts bouncing in your head all the time.

You will have no ego when you are your true self and when you are truly happy.


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