Best Tips for How to be happy

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We all have a picture in mind. How it should be. That picture is an expectation. But don’t we create our own heartaches, through expectations? Yes. We all do that. But we don’t really have to do it. What we should do is “accept” instead of “expect”. And expect only miracles.

It wouldn’t be so easy to stop expecting. But let’s try to live in a realistic world and accept the truth behind all our expectations. You might be

  • spending so much time making your friends happy.
  • that ideal girlfriend who keeps making your boyfriend surprised.
  • that husband who brings flowers and pizza home every weekend.
  • that affectionate mother who quit work and studying for your kids.
  • so hurt right now, without a little bit of appreciation, for all the commitments you have done.
  • expecting your boyfriend to propose you on your birthday.
  • expecting a special treat from your friends. And so much more.
  • expecting a list of things from your ideal picture in mind.

So, you feel frustrated when it doesn’t happen your way. But why are you framing yourself within your own boundaries? Life is so much better outside your picture. Look how colourful it is.

You are going to accept life the way it is. And you are going to appreciate what you have and what you do. You don’t need appreciation from others. Instead, you are going to fall in love with your own qualities and capabilities.

Make everyone around you happy.

Put a smile on your parents. Make your partner surprised. Cook your husband a special dinner. Take your wife on a shopping spree. Go out for a movie night with friends. Call your friends sharp at midnight and wish them, on their birthdays. Send a postcard to your long distance best friend. Try to make everyone smile. Be nice to everyone. And love yourself for who you are. Don’t focus on what you get back. Be happy that you did it. Find happiness within you. Think about all the good things you have done, before sleeping every day. It will definitely make you a happy person.

And eventually, you will end up being loved. You will be immensely loved. Some of your loved ones would say it out loud. Some would prove it with their actions. And some would take a lifetime to prove it, being close to you through thick and thin. So make them happy and be happy always!


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