Health benefits of drinking more water

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Feeling a bit thirsty? All you need is a glass of cool water. Water has so many benefits and wonders than you could ever imagine. They say “ where the water goes, energy flows. “ So let’s explore the wonders of water.

60% of our body is water. We need to keep it that way to feel good. You might not think it is that important to drink water. But you are wrong. Water has so many functionsWater has so many functions to perform in our body. So hydration is a must. Here are some reasons why

    increase your metabolism.
    Flush out Toxins.
    Make your skin healthier.
    Reduce the risks of certain cancers.
    Helps digestion.
    Avoid constipation.
    Relieves 0fatigue.
    All for zero calories.

So you get all these benefits just drinking 8 glasses of water per day. You surely can drink more.” More the merrier.” They say.

But do you have any idea about the ideal timings for hydration? You can check it out here.
• Just after waking up – 2 glasses ( helps to activate internal organs.)
• 30 minutes before every meal – 1 glass each (helps digestion.)
• Before taking a shower – 1 glasses(helps to lower blood pressure.)
• Before going to sleep – 2 glasses (avoid strokes/heart attacks.)

This is why water is considered as the most essential drink on earth.Start drinking water at the right time, the right amount to cleanse your body and to increase efficiency in all your systems.Start drinking water even when you don’t feel thirst yet.Because your body will thank you for it.

If you think your water intake for a day is less than 8 glasses, you will have to start drinking more water. Because 8 glasses is the least requirement for your day. Depending on your body weight it could be more.By keeping a personal water bottle with you all the time you can increase your water intake. And seeing your water bottle all the time will encourage you to drink more wate,r plus you will have a track on the amount of water you have consumed within a day.

You can add watery fruits and vegetables to your diet such as cucumber, watermelon, cantaloup, strawberry and lot of greens.So that you can increase your water intake in an interesting way. Fresh fruit juices and green salads will give you extra benefits.Some people drink herbal tea instead of water.But you need to be really careful when choosing these herbal drinks as different herbs will give you different results. But yes, according to your need you can choose a herbal tea of your choice and start drinking it all day.

You will know which way will work on you. Practise your favourite way or try all these and find your favourite way. But what is important is keeping your body hydrated. Start from today and pay a little more attention on your water intake. Because it really can do wonders to your body. Stay alert on your health and drink more water. And Enjoy your results !


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