How to avoid stress during exam

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Exam season is on the way. Not very far. You know,

The pile of things you gotta study.
Mood swings and you know the pain.
You know it all.

I guess it is the right time to be prepared and study hard. Don’t let your mood swings or stress affect your exams. Get over it and face your exams.

01. Make a study plan.

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Take your syllabus due to the exams. Divide it accordingly and make time frames for subjects and chapters. Make a note of what you are going to study every week from today. Keep the last week free to summarise what you have studied and to check past papers. Don’t stress yourself trying to memorize everything at once. Let your head absorb them step by step. Try to understand instead of byhearting.

getting enough sleep benefits meaning important brain facts night reasons

You are stressing yourself if you don’t get enough sleep every night. Try to sleep 6 hours continuously every day. Cut off other unnecessary tasks but not sleep. Limit your screen scrolling time. Have a regular sleeping pattern.

Without a proper restful sleep at night you will not stay fit the next day and you will not be as productive as you expect if you haven’t got enough sleep

02. Enjoy with your friends.

Do not only talk subject matters with your friends. Go out for a coffee with your friends and enjoy. Have fun with them and don’t let exams be your 24/7 subject. You will make it worse for you and your friends. Have study groups and share your knowledge. Clear your friend’s doubts about the subject matters you are conversant about. Enjoy the company of good friends. Go for a walk with them and breathe some fresh air.

03. Take breaks.

While you are studying, take breaks. If any subject matter is hard to understand leave it aside for a while and drink some water. Try again after some time. Don’t overwork and stress yourself.No matter how long you have been spent studying hard if you are not satisfied with your knowledge you can not face your exams confidently. Have that confident with you. Believe in yourself. You might not have covered all the chapters in each and every subject. It doesn’t matter. You are going to answer with the areas which you are conversant. Do not let any fear beat your courage.

04. How to face the exam

Ignore any worries at the last moment. Be confident and satisfied with all your hard work. Believe in yourself. Reject the stress yourself over upcoming exams. Fully prepared and study according to a plan. Help and guide your friends to study. Do not keep worrying about the exams all the time. Enjoy and have fun with your friends, family and loved ones. Be confident and be precise. Read your exam papers thoroughly. Do not panic. Answer all that you know. Do your best and reach your goals. Good luck.


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