How to think out of the box?

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Loneliness is only an illusion in mind.

Do you consider loneliness as a negative vibe?  Or a weakness in your life? Don’t ever think of it that way. In my opinion, loneliness is an addiction. Because you won’t ever be able to get out of that comfort zone of your own life. Even after the day you get out of it, you will miss it so badly. So why not enjoy the moment? You will one day look back at your this point of life and whisper “best days of my life”.

Do you spend time looking at other peoples’ lives? , thinking how happy they might be, spending time together, doing this and that. You surely are wasting your own valuable time Because people’s’ lives are way too different from what they post on social media. And their characters are just opposite to what they show off. Keep in mind, social media is training us to compare things but then, we forget to appreciate what we are.

Let’s talk about how to overcome this illusion and find your value to the world.

So just forget that fake couple who post every this and that on social media, who themselves call them as a match made in heaven. You have your own business! You have your own motto to be proud of. My life. My rules. And you are going to enjoy every bit of the best days of your life.

If you are still living with your parents and if you consider yourself as independent enough, why not moving out? Start living on your own. Because that is where you can get to know yourself well. And then you can start building up your own world.

It is perfectly alright to talk to yourself. Whenever you want. So you can talk to yourself and check whether your gut instinct is giving you the right signals. Start enjoying your alone time.

Enjoy your

coffee alone and have fun looking outside your window. Watch movies alone. Try new foods. Make a mess out of you and learn how to get out of your own mess. Take time and get to know yourself. I bet you wouldn’t regret. So now while working on your my life, my rules motto, start doing the things you have always wanted to do. Travel solo and make your life adventurous. You will meet new friends and who would know what will happen next. Go out with your friends and dance till the dawn. Sleep as much as you want and you will definitely cherish that memory one day. Wake up without an alarm on your free days and enjoy your brunch alone. Go eat from that restaurant and it is alright to shop till you drop once in a while. Go on road trips and try street food. You can have lifelong conversations with strangers on the road. Do whatever you feel like doing if it is harmless to anybody.

While you enjoy your life pay attention to your career and higher studies as well. Make plans and reach your goals. Because you have ample time just for yourself. Be you and enjoy being you. Build your own kingdom live your life!


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