How we must fall in love with our body

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Our body

Love yourself as much as you can because you are the first priority in your life. Love your body. Remind yourself how beautiful you are, within and out. Think about all the good things you do, for others and for yourself. Remind yourself how happy you are.

Don’t over think about worries in your life. Everybody come across ups and downs. Appreciate the life you have got. Think about it. Someone is praying somewhere in the world for each and everything you have got today. Be happy. Enjoy every moment of your life.

Do something more for yourself. Love your body for all its curves and flaws. Nobody is flawless. Love it the way it is. And take care of it.


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Exercise regularly. You can make your own schedule. Decide whether you are going to do it daily, once a week, twice a week or thrice a week. Try and identify which way of exercising get along with you. Know yourself and what makes you feel good. Chose whether you are going to do aerobics, weights, Zumba, running or dancing. You can make a combination schedule for yourself. But what matters is doing it regularly without excuses.

Doing exercise is not only to lose weight. It is to keep you

  • fit.
  • body stronger
  • energized.

It is simply because you love your body.

Avoid looking for the perfect time to hit the gym. Stop complaining about the weather on your running day. It is not too late to start.

Start to work on your schedule and make exercising a habit. Once you see the results, make it an addiction. Stay fit and strong.

Eat clean.

Know what you eat always. Do not just eat junk because it is freely available or easy to prepare. Check for the nutritional facts of what you eat

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You don’t have to be following a diet plan or counting each and every calorie you are eating. But know what you eat and eat clean.

Avoid fast food and fizzy drinks. Avoid instant food and drinks with a lot of preservatives.

Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Do not skip meals when you are busy. Try to eat on time and drink a lot of water.

Know that eating healthy is a reward for yourself.


Reserve some time from your busy schedule, to relax. Because mental health is as important as physical health for you. If you want to be productive and efficient all day, you need to be physically and mentally fit.

Pay attention to your mind and soul. Spend some time every week doing something which can make you relaxed.

Take a long walk along the park, meditate, listen to spa music, go to a spa and get a massage or do yoga.

Keep you relaxed all the time. It will help you to face challenges wisely. You will accept life and will not get panic and worried over little hiccups along your life. Make your mind as light as possible. Exercise, eat clean and stay relaxed. Make sure you look great, feel good and know that you are healthy. Love yourself and work on you. Stay happy and healthy.


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