What is aura?

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Aura is a belief that there is an energy field around the human body, animals and any object. Aura is described as a subtle body with a visible colour according to its nature and reflection of what is in your mind.

Even though seeing an aura is not scientifically proven, it can be seen. It can be observed if you concentrate enough. This will give you the chance to know about the vibes around you, whether it is positive or negative. Whether to listen to gut instinct or not. Yes it could be useful sometimes.

Let’s see how to do it by yourself.

Stay focus.

  • Soften your gaze.
  • Relax your body.
  • Stay in a comfortable posture.
  • Keep yourself calm.
  • Now, focus on something closer to you. ( any object, a pen, a book, a cup etc )
  • Concentrate for a minute.
  • Relax and look away. You will see a shadow of the object.
  • Look back at the object and try to see a haze around the object in the air.
  • You will see it in your mind’s eye which is normal.
  • Practise this on people by softening your eyes.
  • You will be able to see true colours.

Do not give up.

Beginners may not see colours at first. This needs more concentration and focus than you think. Your mind needs to be at peace. Practise will get you there.

Beginners will only see a yellowish or whitish aura. But with practice they will start seeing the real aura colours. Aura fluctuates with moods. So a person’s aura could be different from time to time. But there will always be predominant colours.

Aura colours – what they mean?


Positive:  strength, courage, creative, full of energy.

Negative : destructiveness, irritable.

02. Orange  

Positive : vitality, loves life, joyful

Negative: lazy, self-indulgent.

03. Yellow.

Positive : wisdom, spiritual, peaceful.

Negative : fearful, lazy, careless.

04. Green.

Positive : ingenuity, practical.

Negative : selfish, materialistic.

05. Blue.

Positive : artistic, imaginative.

Negative : moody, critical.

06. Purple.

Positive :  inspirational speaker, artistic.

Negative : prejudice, disloyal.

07. Violet.

Positive : highly spiritual, true greatness, mystic.

Negative : selfish, cunning, spiteful.

Aura is all about loving yourself from within. Your true colours would be emitted through your body as energy fields. Have clean thoughts and have a pleasant aura. Positivity in your mind is contagious to who you are surrounded by and vice versa.

So why not surround yourself with positive vibes ? know who your true friends are.

Maintain a clean aura. Have good thoughts and cleanse your aura. Stay away from hatred, jealousy and anger. Attract all the positive energies to yourself and spread positivity around.


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