What is the true meaning of happiness ?

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The Price of Happiness

When we hear or say the word happy, all we can associate with it, is money, smiles, and luxury. But the word happiness has no rooted definition as its interpretation differs from each individual. Happiness isn’t a quality like height to be measured or income to be counted; rather it is a state of mind achieved by simple pleasures and mental satisfaction.

The association of material wealth to happiness is only portrayed and propagated in reality shows and in the fantasy world. Being happy or sad is a choice we have to make – this choice depends on our level of maturity, upbringing, and personality. Money is all numbers and numbers never end if it takes money to be happy, then our search for happiness will never end.


can only purchase material things and it takes more to satisfy us than material things alone. The more we have, the more we want and the more we want, the harder it is to find true happiness and contentment. Happiness doesn’t necessarily have to come from any material thing – although it does make life easier and smooth, it is not something that is available off the counter. Happiness revolves around being content with what we have rather than exhausting ourselves in the pursuit of what we want to have. The goal isn’t having more money rather it is to live life according to our terms. The happiest people aren’t always the ones who have the best and most expensive things in life rather they are those who make the best out of what they have. Bear in mind, that no amount of money can make us happy if we aren’t happy with ourselves.

Although mass media has managed to convince us that wealth leads to happiness, it not always the case. Yes, money can make us happy to an extent and can assist us in achieving our goals yet it doesn’t guarantee fulfillment and satisfaction. Without hesitation, money is a valuable item in today’s world. We need it to survive and to scrape through all aspects of life. In short, everything requires a few bills of money, with only the freedom of breathing having escaped the lot.

Being happy

doesn’t mean that we are free from stress, worry, tension etc, but it means that we have learned to accept our situations and see the bright side in life. It means that we haven’t allowed a piece of paper to control our lives. Money can buy a bed but it can’t buy sleep, it can buy a house but it can’t make it a home.

How many times have we heard of famous celebrities and musicians committing suicide and/or battling mental illnesses?

Didn’t their wealth give them happiness? Didn’t their money help them cope? The answer is NO because money can’t buy everything. It doesn’t have in its grip love, compassion, trust, companionship and most importantly family and friends. Money is a powerful tool but it isn’t powerful enough to take away the passion for life from our hearts.


it is our responsibility and duty to educate our children to be happy so that they know the value of things and not its price. We have to teach them to be rich in manners, etiquettes, and knowledge because many are people who are rich in money but poor in conduct. We have to give them an upbringing which will keep their feet rooted on the ground and heads not above the clouds, for the root of success is humbleness and gratitude. We have to engrave in their minds that the real measure of a person’s wealth is how much he’d be worth if he lost it all.

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